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Meet Our Family

Tim and Jamie Coverston

Tim and Jamie were both born and raised here in Fallon, NV. They were high school sweethearts and have been married since 1990. Since then they have had four children and one grand daughter. Choosing to leave the self-centered whirlwind construction industry, and jump into the natural and regenerative soil, food, and people healing industry; came from their desire to "leave this place better than how they found it." 

Healthy soil= Healthy food= Healthy people, made possible by HE>me


Tori and her daughter Laurynn

Tori is the first born and is currently working in the healthcare industry. Tori and her daughter are very close and help out on the farm where we need it. Since she has been in the healthcare field, Tori has noticed an increase of illnesses that we believe has came from food that has been poisoned with chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Laurynn is a 3 year old girl that loves to get dirty on the farm as well as getting dolled up in clothes and makeup.


Kari and her husband JJ

Kari and JJ were both born and raised in Fallon, NV, and were high school sweethearts as well. They were married in 2016 and now live in Wyoming. JJ is employed by the US Air Force. They both enjoy the outdoors, the animals, and helping on the farm when they are in Fallon.


Marshall(Mo) and Taylor

Mo was born and raised in Fallon, while Taylor was born and raised in Fernley, then she moved to Fallon. They both enjoy farming as almost a full time hobby, and Taylor works part time at Western Nevada College. They got married in 2017, and like the outdoors and meeting new people at farmers markets. Currently working on a blog, Taylor also works with homemade signs, t-shirts, and re-purposing furniture. Mo loves to grow and pick vegetables as well as work with the animals.



Colton was also born and raised in Fallon. He currently works in the outreach ministry in our church. He graduated in 2017 and helps out on the farm when we need help with the heavy lifting. He enjoys watching baseball, as well as playing baseball with friends and family.


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