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A CSA stands for community supported agriculture. This is a way for you to support First Fruits Sustainable Farms, and buy a share of our harvests. A CSA is a great way for us as a farm to provide a way to purchase seed, water equipment, and other items without having to take out a loan in the early season. 

There is a risk in joining a CSA. The risk of this is in the event that will result in crop failure due to uncontrollable circumstances such as weather or pests. If this does happen, crops that are lost will not be available for shares. On the other hand, we could have an excess vegetables at the end of the season. 

This CSA will run for 20 weeks. The first deliveries of the 2018 season will be from the middle of May and continue weekly until the last week in September. Another incentive for joining the CSA is that each member will receive 10% off in store purchases only for the months of October, November, and December.

We provide two different CSA options:

The first option is called a buy-down style. This works as a credit. You pay $625 for this share and receive $650 to use in the store. You can use the credit to buy available items any time during the season. You will then pick up the order at your pickup spot on the designated day. If you would like to take a vacation, you just don't order for that week, and no box will be delivered. Also if you have family visiting or want to can tomatoes, you can order more for that week. This CSA also allows for the purchase of meats, eggs, and honey throughout the season and will take from the credit.

The second option is a typically run CSA. You will purchase this share for $625 for the season. Then each week you will be given a box of vegetables depending on what is ready for harvest. This box will generally include some different types of vegetables depending on weather, pests, etc. You can order meats, eggs, and honey and have it delivered with you box, however you will have to pay out of your pocket for that purchase.

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